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Monsoon Tide is an independent film created by Laid Back Films, whose details appear below. Click on the logo to be taken to their site.

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85 Great Portland Street
London, W1W 7LT
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)7961 129 170

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We also have Twitter and Facebook pages set up where you can follow our progress, and a You Tube channel where you can find all the videos associated with the film.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the process taken to get Monsoon Tide from initial idea to a finished film?
Nick first started working on the script in 2002, adapting it from a short story he had written and it has evolved from there. It has undergone numerous drafts and rewrites along the way. Final filming was completed in 2014 and post-production in 2015. The film's cast and crew screening will take place in April 2015.
What does Chakara mean?
It is a Malayalam word for a natural phenomenom that occurs in Kerala after the monsoon. The rivers flow out into the sea and deposit silt. The silt forms into sand bars which create large sea pools inside which the water is really calm and the fish are abundant. It is a time of plenty when fishermen are sure of a great catch. Also, in the context of the film, Chakara is the name of the house where Charles Messenger lives and most of the action is centred.
What inspired the story?
When Nick backpacked around India in his early twenties the colours, smells and sounds had a huge impact on him and helped to inspire the story. The characters are based partly on people he has encountered in life and his own imagination.
How did you raise money to make the film?
The money was raised through private investors using available tax breaks and the Producer Tax Credit Scheme.